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The Yorton Breeders Club

Starting small but aiming big

All National Hunt breeders dream the dream of Cheltenham and for a lucky few connections each year this dream becomes a reality. The concept of the club is primarily to have fun! There are so many national hunt enthusiasts in the area that creating opportunities for social events and seminars on a racing theme was something that kept cropping up in our office meetings.

We are delighted that the Yorton Breeders Club Ambassador is the Champion Jockey of 2016, Richard Johnson.

“I am proud to be the ambassador of Yorton Breeders Club. The concept of making National Hunt breeding accessible through a club is an innovative way for people to become involved with my sport and experience the buzz of breeding, sales and racing.

As the owner of several broodmares myself, I know what it feels like to produce winners and it will be great to see the club breeding its own quality stock in time. With the Yorton Breeders Club Committee behind it, I am confident that the club will go from strength to strength. I’m looking forward to taking part and welcoming you all.” Richard Johnson

“In the three years since Yorton moved to Leighton, the changes in the business have been phenomenal. It is easy to take it all for granted and forget how exciting it is. This forms the essence of the club. It’s a not-­for­-profit vehicle that encourages people to share in the progress and stay in touch with all that’s happening from the foaling, covering shed activity, right through to our pre­training and production of young racehorses as they hit the track. Through the club we have also been able to support local Point­to­Point trainer Phil Rowley who will train the club pointer, Sulu Magic this season. The club members have chosen a selection of bloodstock to follow and we have a busy calendar of events.”

Rebecca Jones, Yorton.

Club membership is full for the current season, but if you are interested in finding out more for next year please email