Full and consistent veterinary care of your horses under one roof. Your best route to pregnancy success.

Yorton is proud not only to call itself a stud, but also a registered veterinary practice. As our business has grown it has become increasingly important to us that horses entrusted by their breeders receive not only the highest standard of daily care and welfare, but also close veterinary management . All foals receive the best start in life and any horse requiring immediate veterinary attention receives it.

Our Vet Birte Bauer brings all the benefits of her extensive experience from one of Germany’s leading Equine Reproduction Centres. Offering flexible fertility management for each mare, you can be sure that your mare will be given every opportunity to get in-foal, not to mention the additional benefits of having a vet on site 24hrs a day, seven days a week.

General health and welfare</perch:content>

General health and welfare

Our state-of-the-art foaling unit and well-trained foaling team managed by our veterinary professionals offers the best start in life.

To keep our clinical and welfare standards high, we have added a blood machine to our intensive care foaling unit alongside our own high quality colostrum and plasma bank which will be a great benefit to the well-being of the foals at Yorton.

The benefits for broodmares</perch:content>

The benefits for broodmares

During routine stud work we are able to manage individual mares and develop flexible breeding plans to suit. For example this may mean early detection and successful removal of a twin pregnancy. In situations where mares are difficult to get in-foal, having an in-house vet gives us the opportunity to treat them at the optimal time. These benefits contribute to excellent pregnancy rates for visiting mares at Yorton.

There are also benefits for breeders themselves. These include direct communication on veterinary matters and our Fertility Package to make the route to success as cost effective as possible. During cases requiring immediate veterinary attention having a vet on-site can mean the difference between life and death. We are also pleased to pass on the cost benefits to owners of no call out fees.